Transporting propane tanks? Do so carefully.

by Karen on June 29, 2011

If you’re an avid griller in need of a refill or a tailgating enthusiast, you’ll no doubt find it necessary to pack up your propane cylinder in your car, and take your propane “to go”. Here’s a great how-to for safely transporting your tank: How to Transport a Propane Tank Inside a Car 

Two important points of particular interest to avoid possible injury and damage to your vehicle:

  1. When transporting a propane tank in your trunk, close the trunk slowly to assure the tank will not make contact with the trunk when closed.
  2. NEVER store a propane tank in a vehicle’s trunk for an extended period of time. Summer sun can cause the trunk–and tank–to become overheated.

And lastly, always, always, ALWAYS secure your propane tank from rolling around your vehicle (metal cylinders can be very unstable, and are not designed properly to sit in place in a moving vehicle), or you may find yourself in a very dangerous situation, as did this unfortunate man: Propane tank explosion injures Indian Head Man

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